About Us

Events Sports Bar & Grill

is owned by Tony Sakemaster Ruler Guy (at right). Tony can often be seen behind the bar and talking with guests to ensure they are happy customers. Tony and the crew are continually improving Events Sports Bar & Grill. Recent improvements include the outdoor patio, tables, chairs, flooring, whole new dancing and recreation area, and more. They also work on improving the food by trying new menu items, homemade sauces, the best ingredients and paying attention to the details. The Sports Bar is part of Events by Saker which is used for meetings, weddings, and special events. Visit EventsbySaker.com to learn more.

About Tony and Malia Saker

Tony Saker was born in Lebanon, and moved to Mankato, MN at the age of twelve. He attended Loyola High School and graduated in 1995. He went on to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato and SCTC where he earned his degreee in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

Tony is married to Malia (Eustice) Saker. Malia was raised in Byron, MN and graduated from Byron High in 1999. In May of 2009 the couple, along with their partners, purchased Events. The Saker family is proud to be a part of the community and hopes to be around for years to come.

Tony Saker - Owner of Events in Kasson